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Natural Milk Fat: Source of Natural sn-2 Palmitic Acid

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Chemical Structure of Natural OPO Fatty Acid in Natural Milk Fat 

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Your baby needs large amounts of energy for rapid growth, and a great variety of nutrients to enhance healthy development. Natural milk fat plays an essential role in the baby's growth and development. It is derived from the natural fat content from the milk produced by mammals (generally referred as cow's milk), supplying the much needed energy for your toddler, helping him absorb the fat-soluble Vitamins A, D, E and K.

There are even more advantages for natural milk fat: it contains natural sn-2 palmitic acid, which is essential for promoting your toddler's intestinal health; the OPO fatty acid chemical structure naturally occurring in sn-2 palmitic acid is similar to what was found in breast milk, which prevents palmitic acid from combining with calcium in the intestines to form 'calcium soap'. Calcium soap will cause stool hardness in babies and loss of calcium.

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Natural Milk Fat Versus Synthetic Milk Fat

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In regards to nutrition intake, research experts recommend getting it from natural sources - it has a unique advantage of maintaining the optimal molecular proportion and chemical structure, and with their molecular interaction optimized, the nutrients are better absorbed by the body comprehensively. That's why natural milk fat is so valuable and always preferred.

Synthetic milk fat used plants as raw materials, which were then chemically modified to mimic the chemical structure of fatty acids found in breast milk. Although natural ingredients were used to generate artificial milk fat, its production involves chemical modification of its chemical structure, which in fact is an artificial process.

Full Benefits from Milk Fat Comes Naturally

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NUTRICIA keeps all the benefits from natural milk fat intact for your child: by separating milk fat from cow's milk with a physics-based process that is truly natural, instead of chemically extraction with artificial processing. It is only under such strict requirements that we are able to provide your infant with all the healthy benefits of natural milk fat:

  • better absorption and digestion of fat to produce the energy needed for the infant's growth and development
  • softer stool and better intestinal health
  • reduce calcium loss for better development of bones

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