Research centres and quality hero

Our Research and Quality Standards

Research centres and quality hero

Visit our NUTRICIA Research website to find out more about our research and quality standards.

Our Science Led Expertise

Our science comes directly from Nutricia Research. We continually invest in life sciences, nutrition and technology to develop nutritional products that meet the needs of infants, young children and parents across the world, throughout the vital first 1,000 days.

We have dedicated research centres in The Netherlands and Singapore. Our team of over 400 experts represent 35 nationalities and offer expertise in the fields of breast milk research, growth and development, immunology, gut health, nutrition, product development and packaging. They all work together to ensure we are always at the forefront of innovative nutritional concepts.

Our Quality and Food Safety Standards

We apply stringent quality and food safety standards, everywhere in the world and at all times. We provide nutrition for the most sensitive consumers and therefore quality and safety is central to everything we do. The quality of our products is regulated by tight standards at every stage from sourcing high quality ingredients and monitoring the soil in which our food ingredients grow, to how our products are packaged and stored. Our stringent standards continuously monitor our products, from concept to consumption, ensuring optimal product safety.

Need parenting or nutrition advice?

Please contact our “First 1000 Days Nutrition Advisers”. Our team of registered nurses and nutrition consultants are here to answer your questions.