About us care


About us care

At NUTRICIA, care is more than a word - it’s instinctive to our culture and the underlying philosophy that drives us to make a difference every day.

Our Philosophy

We look at the world through the eyes of mums of small children, patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals. Our aim: to ensure caring is integral to everything we do. We never forget that what we do every day has the pot

NUTRICIA First 1000 Days Nutrition Advisers

NUTRICIA has been dedicated to research on the nutritional needs of babies during their first 1000 days since 1896. We understand that this first 1000-day period is critical to a baby’s future health. As their babies grow during this wonderful period, mums may feel uncertain. If you have any questions on parenting or nutrition, please contact our team of “First 1000 Days Nutrition Advisers”, nurses and nutrition consultants.

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