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Our Heritage

Our heritage

Since 1896 we’ve pioneered discoveries that have transformed the lives of people around the world.
Inspired by our founders that pioneering spirit lives on today, driving our curiosity and commitment to discover more.



Our beginnings: Dr. Jan van der Hagen and his brother Martien acquire the rights to manufacture Professor Backhaus’ infant milk formula.


They name the company Nutricia NV.


We begin exporting our first Medical Nutrition product for diabetes and develop a new method to increase the shelf life of our products. Also in 1905, we enter an infant feeding and health contest in Brussels and win several prizes.


We develop our first nutritional guidelines for infants and patients.


We release the first booklet for healthcare professionals - In The Doctor’s Office - with nutritional guidelines for children.


We set up our own dedicated research facility: Nutricia Research is born. We launch Olvarit, the first ready-to-serve vegetable infant food in The Netherlands.


We introduce a team of dieticians to provide information and develop education for healthcare professionals.


We continue to develop innovative products, such as Amirige (for preterm infants), Nutriton (anti-Reflux), Almiron-A and Nutrix (instant infant cereal).


We launch the first product for metabolic disorders and PKU.


Nutrison is introduced, a ready-to-serve, complete tube-feeding product.


Pepti Junior is launched, our first speciality product for the management of Cow’s Milk Allergy.


We start a consumer care line, offering a freephone number for mums to call when they need advice about their baby’s nutrition.


We incorporate LCPs (DHA and AA) in our preterm formula Nenatal, the first company to include the single cell LCPs into infant formulas.


We file a patent on our innovative prebiotic mixture (scGOS/lcFOS 9:1) after detecting the full spectrum of short and long chain oligosaccharides in human milk. Two years later, we launch the first prebiotic formula – a worldwide breakthrough.


NUTRICIA becomes part of Danone, strengthening our global mission to bring health trough food to as many people as possible.


Thanks to our innovation in technology, we launch Fortisip Compact, the first low-volume medical nutrition supplement.


Establishment of our R&D satellite centre in Biopolis, Singapore.


We launch Souvenaid, a nutritional innovation in the dietary management of early Alzheimer’s disease.


Nutricia Research opens a state-of-the-art research centre in the Utrecht Science Park, The Netherlands, to accelerate innovation in the field of Early Life Nutrition. Partnerships and collaborations are key in our R&D approach.


We launch a number of products and services for pregnant and lactating mothers across multiple markets signifying our commitment to the all-important first 1,000 days.